Secret that I can't tell

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I am here in the arms of somebody
Trying to hold onto my old life
Joining back the pieces of old dreams
That seems so fake day by day.
And there you are with somebody else
Starting your life anew
It was meant to be I knew
Yet I couldn’t stay away.
Watching you go saying goodbye is hell
You are my secret that I can’t tell.

I don’t know when it started
You started to mean more to me
On a desperate attempt to hold me back
I turned the locks in and threw the key.
But even the doors of past
Even the reality of future
Turned out to me meek, do fragile
I pushed everything out of my thoughts
And embraced these feelings for a while
This road between right and wrong is hell
You’re my secret that I can’t tell.

Those lullaby songs that you sang to me
Those nightly whispers weren’t meant to be
I paved my own way towards my doom
And you are about to become a groom
I have somebody waiting for me
With somebody else you are meant to be
But these dreams just won’t go away
Even when in them I can’t dwell.
The reality where I live in is hell
You’re my secret that I can’t tell.

So here’s the end of those lovely dreams
So here’s the end of the lovely tale
of those secrets that I can’t tell.

Yeah sure I'm drunk

I tried everything
I kissed a whore
Played a lord
I pledged my heart to a fencing sword.
I punched few men
Got punched myself
And cleaned my wound with poisoned port.
I hunted down the alley for fight
I knocked on each and every door.
I changed my lovers every night
And stumbled down, drunk to core.
Yet I couldn’t, couldn’t get you
Out of my system, out of me
Though I claim to be drowned in hate
You are all that I can see.
I am in pain, I crave your touch
Still I claim I don’t feel much.
I am crying out loud, shouting your name
I know I’m nuts, I’m turning insane.
Thought drinking would save me then
To forget you and forget this pain.
I drank and drank ten times of two
Forgot my name yet remembered you.
Yeah sure I’m drunk, I’m drunk to core
With every drop I crave you more.
One glass down, I see you smile
Two bottles and I see you here
Ten goes down, I’m calling your name
With strike of twelve, senses threadbare
Yeah sure I’m drunk, I’m drunk to core

With ten times two I crave you more.

Love?? definitely tricky

Don’t talk about eternity darling
Don’t talk about feeling
Someone once said to me
Love can be a tricky thing.

All day’s sighs and all night’s longing
All that talks about possession and belonging
A mild affection there might be and even strong chemistry
But once the spark is gone bebe, rest becomes the history
Millions I love yous and thousand kisses
Doesn’t matter in the end
And trust me when I say I know
Weary old bones never mend.
Spring crush summer friendship autumn love winter fling

Someone once said to me love can be a tricky thing.

Just a whisper

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Let me peel that shadow off you
Let me hold it for a while
Even shadow of yours has that fragrance
That would help me live for a while…..
Let me live in dreams of your smile
Let me breathe in for a while
Even those dreams has that strength
To keep me steady for a while……

I can’t hold onto you I know
You are the coal in hearth while I am the snow
You are a bright star, the legendary heir
I am just an audience; I stare and stare…..

A mile there it is between us
And so many facts that cannot be reversed
But still I would like to share
Some moments with you here and there
Create memories that would help me live
This moment and coming years…..

Oh Yes! I dream of lovely lights
Oh Yes! I dream of beautiful nights
BUT I know you are THE MOON
Where I can’t reach but just can see
But I know you are the song
That I can’t make but just can feel……

Still I took a deadly dare
Still fell into something I fear
I wanted to embrace the raging storm
But see what I got!!
Just a whisper of breeze

Just a whisper in my ear……

In love again

I wake up and force a yawn
And welcome the light, the lovely morn
And turn around to see you sigh
In your sleep with a trace of smile
You seem you’re having a peaceful dream
And your face looks so calm and serene
I smile thanking god for what I gained
Watching you sleep, I fell in love again.

You try to move faster than time
And work work work is what you have on mind
But then you come home with a huge smile
And hug me tight, blow a kiss
Rest your head on my lap
Storing away all your stress in leash
I smile walking on a memory lane
Holding your hands, I fall in love again.

You don’t have a moment to spare
But still you stop to praise my hair
We fight we curse we breakdown
You ask me to leave and turn around
But when you hear me stifle a cry
You come around and hug me tight
I hear you say you will not yell again
I borrow your heat and fall in love again.

Nights are always a fairy-tale
Stormy passion and cries ‘tell-tale’
But someday when you just hold me in sleep
And mumble the words of love in my ear
I close my eyes and savour the touch
I kiss your hooked nose that I love so much
I shake my head as love is insane
Just hearing your heartbeat, I fall in love again.

Let the curtains fall

The golden glow of candle lights
The silvery caress of the moon
The sprinkles of joy within
Seeing your lovely rosy bloom
The blush that stole my breath away
And the desires that you locked away
The tremors running through your spine
Indicates you are just mine….JUST MINE
Tonight just let go, break the rule
Tonight let’s just cross the line
Tonight hold me, don’t shy away
Tonight let me make you mine
Break the propriety, don’t care at all
Blow out candles baby..
Let the curtains fall.

Those mingled breaths and discreet nips
Those sigh of pleasure from trembling lips
Those very traces of innocence
Has made me lose all my sense
I am shattered into million pieces
But still my heart craves your essence
Tonight I died a hundredth time
And got revived with heightened sense
Tonight let go again, break the rule
Tonight let me drown in you
Tonight let there be no line
Baby tonight you are mine, just mine.
Break the propriety, don’t care at all
Blow out candles once again

And baby let the curtains fall.