I am Waiting

Monday, February 18, 2013

The kiss of our mating, the heat of this frisson
The passion we cant deny, in this kiss of submission
Its not enough for me, its no means of satiating
Come on back me up baby, you know i am waiting.

Lure of your shallow breath, trance of your trembling lips
Call of your pounding heart, private yet discreet nips
I am blinded by desire, weak and anticipating
Come on take me home baby, you know i am waiting

Pull of your every moan, turned by your every sigh
Claim of your every touch, tuned by your sensuous lie
I want you so bad, this wait so agitating
Come on hold me tight baby, you know i an waiting

The sound of thunderclaps, the mourning of the rain
The ruse of this anticipation to feel you once again
Whatever you want from me, i am willing,accommodating
Come on and ablaze me baby, you know i am waiting

Our chemistry its outstanding, this desire so fine
With a bit of love between us, it would have been divine
i love you with a passion but there you are hesitating
come on tell me you love me baby, you know i am waiting...


Saroj Koirala said...

Very Lucarative article with the keywords accesence of love n time.
Keep up the spirit.