first kiss

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I am a step closer to the night
Just few steps and I'll get lost
I am a step farther from the light
Just a few breath is what it costs
These tremors running through my skin
Shows the burden of my trust
This breathlessness, this recklessness
This anticipation ready to burst
A moment of ecstasy, a memory of bliss
I am waiting, I am dreaming my first kiss

These flames lapping, tickling my skin
These sensations akin to burn
This desire so great to embrace the fire
Consciousness in shreds, ripped and torn
This moan, this sigh, this pleasure so high
This abandonment in every turn
This touch, this feel, that makes me reel
I'm no more stiff, distant, forlorn
A moment of ecstasy, a memory of bliss
I'm drowning, I'm living my first kiss

Oh! so tantalizing the voice of yours
This tenderness just swept my soul
Oh! so sizzling, the touch of yours
This firework just made me whole
Oh so hot, oh so cold
I want some more, I want it all
Oh so deft, Oh so bold
I just cant wait, I want to fall
In moment of ecstasy, in memory of bliss
I'm hugging, I'm loving my first kiss

Just few steps and I was lost
Just few steps were what it cost