In love with Satan

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oh the morning that shines anew
behind the darkened lane
The sunlight that filters through the fog
beneath the silver stream
I drew away the dewdrops
amid the mist of dreams
And made the crown so fine
a halo of moonbeams
Used the magic, ancient than time
to create the mystic sea
a worthy gift to my love, a worthy gift to thee

Ah! music….a symphony, the harp
Oh sweet sweet angel’s song
Feather light carved cupid bow-arrow
I aimed thy heart and shot
Off thou lay in throne of thine
of gold beams, a sunglow peacock
The pointed piece lay on thou hands
Thy heart remained unattached, on lock
Here, in me, love blossoms
amid the thrones of thorn
But thou heart has not yet been reborn…….not yet been reborn.

I bleed on it, I cry for thee
I’m resigned to these demonic urges
Oh! Satan Satan, I bow to thee
My love to you has altered me
The light fails to soothe me

I am no sage…. No…. now I’m no sage.

Satin sheets part 2

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Let me capture the moan of need
beneath the satin sheet
Let me devour you in a devilish greed
beneath the satin sheet 
Take your thoughts
bid your time
But once you are with me
you are only mine
I'm through hell waiting
straining to be free
All you have to say is yes
will take you in a sensual spree.....
To hell with 'what ifs?'
To hell with lead 
you are all I need
beneath the satin sheet.

Let me peel off your petals
Let me take you on a slow ride
Let me wash on this nectar of yours
Let me drown in this honeyed tide
Your innocent nips
Your feathery kiss
is driving me crazy
Your boiling breath
calls me
out on a maze
With a lazy haze
let me strip you tonight.....
Below the twinkling stars
and the moon that shine
let me possess you with a guttural growl
'Mine....just mine'

Come on let's have some treat
beneath the satin sheet
you are all that I need
beneath the satin sheet

A query

The strife leads no solitude 
and here I'm thinking yet again 
Conscience screams of my mistakes
and i keep hearing 'What am I to you?'

My mouth though slightly agape
no sound comes off it
A lengthy speech I had in mind
but now it projects a faulty ring
I reach out to find emptiness 
only the air mush by your scent
Inhaling those remains 
I shout 'Now what do I do?'
but I keep hearing 'What am I to you?'

Oh what exactly are you to me?
What exactly?
I swear I got no words
I got no answer, I don’t know why 
I don’t even know myself. Who am I?


In tableau of relationships
I keep searching myself
And all i find is insignificant dots 
out if my vicinity 
And within the pagan firewall
I'm all alone

The quaint thread of belongingness
that scarlet liquid which flows in me
Does that really matter to have a bond?

What of breezes that whispers to me?
What of heart that beats?
What of the succinct memories?
What of the burgundy evenings?
Those moments when I think of you
and that fragile thread if my hold on you?

Maybe I'm a bit selfish
Maybe I'm just tired of this
Maybe you want some more
Maybe that’s what you abhor
of me not trying and constantly lying.

You can’t be the one I want
I can’t be the one you need
And this hold in itself is a treachery 
You are one hell of a man
The one I tried hard to understand

When you're gone

I'm a flower that bleeds in its own thorn
and the fragrance is gone forever...
The fireflies mock my trepidation 
as darkness embraces my salvation
when you're gone....
Forever gone

The heartbreak that I carry on a memory lane
the deteriorating nerves and squalid remains
What i crave for makes me insane
with need....with greed
Oh! These concepts of profane are just words for me
when you're gone...
Forever gone

I love you

Aspirations arranges accordingly 
Serene sanity sets submerged solitude 
Haughty hollowness harvests huddled harmony 
Until ultimatum upraises

I insist in insulation
Lovely laudanum
Vital vibrates vigorously 
Escaping estranged entity
Until you... Until you...

Slave diary

The undaunted desire in me
The eloquence of my dreams
The monopoly of my own influence that thwart me
The sweetness within the sour source
and the bitter unmarked core
My UFO thoughts are unmasked drugs
and everything in me seems a folklore
My voice and feelings a monstrous myth
I'm an alien in a human sheath..

Covered with evident aspirations 
yet a solitary silhouette
With a silken covering that covers hardened attitude 
I am a morning hangover and migraine in noon
A volatile piece of ice and combustible boon
A contingent memory indeed
I am a slave if my own need.

Unsanctioned satiation

Baby you have so many ways to turn you on
but for me I just have my imagination

Slow rise in tide i had anticipated 
but you turned out to be a full blown storm
all drenched and soaking wet
I just had my willpower to hang on...
You pulled me in, you pushed me out
like a doll purchased on sale
I'm used, abused, by your ruse
still craving with need, condemned to this hell....

You taunt me with your sighs
flaunt your unruly desires
Yet kept me distant
to suffer agonising restraint.....
I'm boxed, I'm tied by your whims
and resigned to have you just in dreams 
clenching fist i can only see
when you taunt and laugh at me
'Oh poor baby just give in....
It’s easy you see
after all orgasm is free...'

Knocked off by your sadist ties
Yet prisoner of my own desire
I starve for the taste of rose
I'm close to losing my sanity
Albeit held by a noose
I'm just a man
That you never did understand....

Kicked away yet kept close 
I'm ruled by these baser instinct
Spare me....have mercy...
Please no more...
Baby you have so many ways to turn you on....
But within these bars
for me i just have my imagination....


that's what they are
obnoxious and bizarre
so very far
away from my own desire

that's what it seems
laced with dreams
like an ice-cream 
which keeps melting away

that's what they feel
is an ultimate seal
and far too real
gets covered in a blink

that’s what HE says
are powerful gateways
besides which there lays
afterlife which nobody is sure about....

Dreams far from truth are essence of life that gets killed by death....

Lost battle

Sometimes i left u lonely 
sometimes u left me alone 
sometimes i fought my way out
sometimes u were just gone
drenched in this downpour 
with the cloak of storm
with heart empty of aspiration
i call out to my knight in shining armour 
but you are distant, you are forlorn
and yet again m all alone

On the battle of submission 
i slew your dreams, claimed victory
in return to your sublimation
i re-wrote my own history
i severed my ties when stakes were high 
of my falling down the stinking ditch
in that process i condemned you to darkness instead
now when i crave sunshine, there’s none
and yet again I'm all alone

i sold your soul and bought a home
you pissed on it and painted black
those specks of white, those i threw aside
you took them on made your paradise
the aquarium is now blown down
and I'm trying to breathe with my dysfunctional gills
and toying with obscure feeling of love
I'm searching for you in abandon
Look at me, I'm all alone

Good morning

Morning meadow mumbles mysteries
Scarlet sun shines serene
Mystic man mourns midnight
Still srija sleeps soundly