Damn its insane

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dramatised dream dwindled down
Aspirations act abhorrant
Makeshift memory mocked me
Nostalgia nag negligence

Inspirations irked insolence
Turners trade testimony
Sympathy sounds symphonic

Illegal is iliterate innocence
Naive nuzzles numbness
Sellers save sellable
Achiever adore abscess
Naked nymph not noticable
Expired elixir eases


Withering essence

The light bares its claws at
me,the wind howls nd the storm
knocks me down
That induces me to stay within
the confinement of my dark
Why does the light scare me? I
asked myself
Is it because I would see things
Or is it because I have been
confined within the clutches of
this velvety darkness for so long.
I stare at the moon through the
peephole while I hide myself in
the shadows.
Moon is supposed to be
soothing but it still scares me
And they say I would be able to
embrace the sun.

My soul is decayed and my mind
I have become a living compost
Earthworms roam around my
nerves and r eating through my
Even if I try, I cant break free
Come on,how can I
If only I was unconscious,if only I
was unaware of the fact that i'm
withering away
So many 'if onlys'....
Wel I would have quite enjoyed
these periodic lapses,i would
have enjoyed breaking down and
fooling around.
But I was dragged down to this
emptiness long before I could
feel the light,see it shine through
my youth...
Now all thats left is my dark
heart and wretched soul.
They say "everything will be fine
just wait"
I dnt need false hope as I know
The only thing I lack is time.
I will just wither away
Today? Tomorrow? I'm not sure
It can be any day

A struggler

I take a pen
A paper in my hand
Scratch my head
...'ah! I got it'
Write a topic
And then
I search books
I search all groups
Search those sites
Expression an 'O'
My eyes wide
Their words haunts me
And ability taunts me
Mock me
''he he he a struggler''
My shoulders slumps down
Laptop closed
Paper torn
I admit defeat
....yet again i've pen n paper
.....history repeats
........i know i'm a struggler


Debilitate your desire
Delude yourself from the fact
Demand defragmentation
Drag me from my time
Do everything you can.....
I'm not going to rise

Elevate your eminence
Encapsulate your endeavour
Enchant with your eloquence
Embalm with elixir
Embrace everything you can....
I am not going to revive

Abate my wound
Abduct my soul
Accelerate your own age
Adjourn your own world
Adjust everything you can....
I'm not going to react

Distance yourself
Dry up your emotion
Dagger yourself
Decompose in dejection
Defy everything you can
I'm not going to be alive

I am not going to live
So dry up your tears
And just leave,'just live'.

Her name

Her cherry lips and wide smile
and betraying mask of decorum
Her daintiness a tequila
and the freckles of narcissism
Her creamy skin a framage frais
She's a mannequin who lure and play
I look at her
She throws a smile
I wink at her
and she acts so shy
That blush is just a masquerade
To catch me unaware and devour
But now I'll change rules for her
There's no escape,no turning back
A falcon will now fall a prey

I pulled her in,she came undone
We dabbled together in exhilaration
I turned her on,she abandoned
We lost ourselves to sensation
We manoeuvred the sensous sin
Hell broke loose and dam burst within
I knew I lost
She knew it too
She caged me on
Now what to do?
Her breathing was a lullaby
I fell asleep with a sigh
I woke up with a loneliness
She was gone....she was gone
I was beaten on my own game
I realised with an emptiness
I didnt even know her name

For me

I am burning here
and you r standing aloof as if
you dont care enough
I am swallowing pain
and my stretched hands seeks ur
My visions are blurred n limbs r
the last wishper of my
consciousness is ur name.
Yet you r an audience
a distant observer,a silent one.
Hey stranger close 2 my
heart,just fulfil my last wish...
when the tiny thread of life
breaks down
and essence of me is lost in the
mist of time
Just shed a tear 4 me,just one
at least you'd give me a warm

I wanna be a celebrity

And a thirst for fame
Thats so lame
Yet came....
This desire to tame
Minds of thousands of people
With words....
And grab their cords
A tool....
To grab and pull
And rise....
To the height
And shine new and bright
Ya I wanna be...
A celebrity

I ain't gonna loose
I ain't gonna choose"
Yeah! Thats fantasy
I ain't gonna be
And loose every essence of me
I'd become a doll
Will lead downfall
Its a road without lane
Damn...its insane
Yet I wanna be....
A celebrity

Just fuck the fact
Is "show off to distract"
Just play it cool
And make them fool
What the hell is dignity??
No place whatsoever for novelty
On I me myself
Damn....its cruel
But fame's the pull
Ah! I wanna be....
A celebrity.

Let me be

Let the curtains remain close
Let the world outside remain a bad dream
I've had enough of compassion
Now Let this urge 4 revenge break free

I dnt want all too cheerful sun to brighten my vindictive soul
These dark hooded eyes just welcomes a black hole
Scratching the wound and spicing it up
And reaping and sowing these seeds of disgust
I'll dig my own tunnel into this obscure world
And wont let those absurdity get to me at all
Dont need love,dont need light dont need those fucked up morality.
Let me remain a beast of vengenance on a ride of anonymity

Let this revenge get hold of me Let me be a beast,let me be