I am Waiting

Monday, February 18, 2013

The kiss of our mating, the heat of this frisson
The passion we cant deny, in this kiss of submission
Its not enough for me, its no means of satiating
Come on back me up baby, you know i am waiting.

Lure of your shallow breath, trance of your trembling lips
Call of your pounding heart, private yet discreet nips
I am blinded by desire, weak and anticipating
Come on take me home baby, you know i am waiting

Pull of your every moan, turned by your every sigh
Claim of your every touch, tuned by your sensuous lie
I want you so bad, this wait so agitating
Come on hold me tight baby, you know i an waiting

The sound of thunderclaps, the mourning of the rain
The ruse of this anticipation to feel you once again
Whatever you want from me, i am willing,accommodating
Come on and ablaze me baby, you know i am waiting

Our chemistry its outstanding, this desire so fine
With a bit of love between us, it would have been divine
i love you with a passion but there you are hesitating
come on tell me you love me baby, you know i am waiting...


Friday, February 15, 2013

M playing wid fire I know
Yet I cant help myself from doing so
My bizzare thoughts n erratic heartbeat
justifies how mch m loving it.
These sensations to which I bow
Wil just lead to my downfall I know
Yet my racing pulse and unconsciousness
declares how mch m enjoying it.
The feel of this melting snow
On the heaps of desires that flow
And the burning,piercing pain of anticipation
shows how much m craving it.
The pagan kiss of soothing sorrow
The light caress of dreams of 2maro
And the mingled breaths of the fresh thoughts
clarify how much m holding it.
So much to feel
So much left unsaid
So much held back
Taken for granted
The only thing active was my mind
Bt now m warned m gradudally loosing it.
To this madness,to this ecstasy.
Oh great tranquility,victory to thee.

what am i within?

I crawled out of the dream
Staring at the dark
And closed my eyes
Waiting for the nightmare to begin again.

I felt like I was alone
A mere fish in the home of sharks
Swimming in tears,piercing thorns against my chest
And growing insane.

Even my wish turned out to b a sword
Wid the blade so sharp
I was knocked off by a downpour
When al I wanted was a soothing rain.

I shut down my anticipation
Deep down my hopelessness left a mark
I m nothing outside,I know m nothing.
Who m i?what m I within???

A human,i dnt feel lyk one.
A monster,no I cant be
Wats my lyf,wat is its meaning?
Who m i?what m I within????

without you

Without u I m bleeding inside
Without you my lyf is just a lie
Without you my smile is fake
Hold onto me bebe for my sake.

Without u m vacant inside
Without u m sea wid no tide
Without u m a stale cake
Hold onto me bebe 4 my sake.

Without you m an avoided fear
Without u my eyes are filled with tear
Without u m a dried out lake
Hold onto me bebe 4 my sake.

Without u m insane n forgotten
Without u my heart nd mind is rotten
Without u m a total wreck
Hold onto me bebe 4 my sake.

I know its how u feel as well
Without me u seem withered and pale
Without me u r a rusted brake
Hold onto me bebe 4 our sake.
I promise there'll b no more mistake.

you are my soulmate

I can easily trip n fall,coz i know u'd hold me
I know m a special girl as u've always told me.
I can relax in ur arms,coz u're everything 2 me
U always melt me wid ur charms,m hypnotised as u can see.
I can fight u widout a reason coz i know u wldn't mind me.
i can sneak n can hide,coz i know u'd find me.
I can fight wid world 4 u coz ur love has wind me.
I would never run away coz ur love wil always bind me.
Dont try 2 stay away,dnt try 2 shove me,leave everything upto fate.
U r the sole reason of my life,u r my soulmate.

Whenever m in ur arms,the world vanishes around me.
It feels so heavenly as if my angel found me.
Whenever i hear ur voice,music fills the surrounding air.
It feels as if any other sound is nt so magical 2 hear.
Whenever i feel ur gaze,i feel so special.
It feels as if u r reading my soul nd making a call.
Whenever i hear u love me the most n remember me 24/7.
I feel myself luckiest gal n find myself in 7th heaven.
So dnt try 2 stay away,dnt try 2 shove me,leave evrything upto fate.
U r the sole reason of my life,u r my soulmate.

over the centuries

Over the centuries i roamed in darkness
with dark desires n dark insight.
But when i met u my sunshine
i found myself,i found my light.

Over the centuries i walked as dead
with nothing 2 loose nd nothing to gain.
But when i met u my soulmate
i felt alive,i lived again.

Over the centuries i lusted 4 blood
my greatest love,my greatest need.
But when i met u my only drug
u became my greatest need indeed.

Over the centuries i was harsh n cold
lacking humanity nd lacking emotion.
But when i met u my strong hold
my dead heart leapt up n showed motion.

Over the centuries i roamed alone
i was careless,i was carefree.
But when i met u my true love
u gained me,ur love bound me.

as i lay dying

As i lay dying taking my last breath
the one i remembered was u
ur voice passed tru my sense
the only 1 i saw was u.
the feeling of ur touch,the treasure of ur love
are stored deep inside my dying heart.

As i lay dying bearing the searing pain
the one i missed was u.
The pain of death i can bear
bt how can i bear loosing you.
The fragrance of ur breath,the treasure of ur love
are stored deep inside my dying heart.

As i lay dying counting my heartbeat.
The one i wanted to see was u.
Ur trust,ur call i cld feel it
the only one 4 me was u.
The moment we spent together,the moment of our love
are stored deep inside my dying heart.

As i lay dying on my death bed
the only one i cried 4 was u
i know i'll kill u wid me
i know u'll die again.
4give me my love n remember ur kiss,ur touch,ur voice,ur love
are stored deep inside my dying heart.

straight from the heart

When i look into the world,i glance it through ur eyes.
When i feel the breeze,i feel it through ur sense.
When i recall something,i think it through ur mind.
When i wince nd cry,tears soak down ur lens.
Hence, We're meant 2 be together,we shall never be apart.
Everything i say,i say it from heart.

When i shiver with cold,u tremble with me.
My heart beats wid urs,as our love is so dense.
When i giggle nd smile,u laugh wid me.
We are bonded by love nd tied by the trance.
Hence, We,re meant 2 be together,we shall never be apart.
Everything i say,i say it from heart.

When i break down,u are there 2 support.
We are held together by unbreakable chains.
When i stir nd frown,u are there 2 comfort.
Ur love is so pure,it runs down my veins.
Hence, We're meant 2 be together,we shall never be apart.
Everything i say,i say it from heart.

When i anticipate,u are there 2 fulfill it.
Our love is pure,no greediness 4 gains.
When i lack emotion,u are there 2 refill it.
Ur trust nd care protects me,its the strongest fence.
Hence, We're meant 2 be together,we shall never be apart.
Everything i say,its straight from the heart.

open up and behold me

The wind is wishpering against the tree
roaming around wild n free.
Ur company is treasure 2 me.
My heart n soul is tribute 2 thee.
Its a moment of passion n glee.
Just open up ur reserved heart nd see.

The moon is shining above us
winking at me nd making me blush.
The silvery light is painting to gloss.
Ur hypnotic eyes won the toss.
Its a moment of passion nd glee.
Just open up ur reserved heart nd see.

The light breeze is playing wid my hair
nd making me shiver square nd fair.
Y do u pretend nd hide though u care.
Y do u create a barrier.
Its a moment of passion nd glee.
Just open up ur reserved heart nd see.

The dim glow of the candle light.
This moment of love in romantic site.
Come on hold me,embrace me tight.
Dnt think its wrong,its absolutely right.
Its the moment of passion nd glee.
Just open up ur reserved heart nd see.

U taught me 2 love,u taught me 2 hope.
We're destined 2gether tied by the rope.
Whatever is ur secret i can cope.
Just trust me darling,dnt try 2 shove.
Its a moment of passion nd glee.
Just open up ur reserved heart nd see.

U confronted with danger 4 my sake.
Ur harshness nd hatred,i know its fake.
This beautiful site around the lake.
The silence around us is the piece of cake.
Its a moment of passion,love n glee.
Just open up ur heart nd behold me.


M scared.....scared to death....
Running to live,bt m running too late.
Rolled my eyes n smiled for a while
Bt who was I to defy my fate.

Scared to live..scared to die
Scared of falling so I cldnt fly
Scared to love also scared to hate.
M jst a puppet of my fate.

Tried so hard to abate this pain
Tried to bloom all over again
Bt NO NO NO all I did was regret
Clinging n blaming to my fate.

Tried to kindle the fire
To keep me warm inside
No matter what m freezing to death
Jst becoz I biliv in fate.

till the world ends

Just hold me in ur arms tightly n abate my pain
m tierd of being neglected,tierd of being abhorrent.
Just kiss me my love,make me 4get the world again
coz i want u 2 be my world,my emotion n my sentiment.

Just shower me wid ur love and absorb me 2 urself
m tierd of being lonely,tierd of being hated.
Just pour down all ur trust nd make me trust myself
coz i want it badly 2 trust n be trusted.

Just take me 2 ur heart nd make me feel safe
m tierd of being tortured,tierd of being afraid.
Just hide me in ur eyes nd let me dream wid u
coz i want 2 remove all my dreadful nightmare.

Just burn me wid ur touch,blaze me wid desire
m tierd of being stiff,tierd of being cold.
Just open up 2 me nd let me be ajar
coz i dnt wanna be reserve,i wanna be bold.

Just mingle me 2 urself nd make me complete
m tierd of being half wid incomplete bends.
Just let us be one heart nd one soul
nd live together ecstatically till the world ends.

no matter what u say

No matter what u say I know m a killer.
Who just love to see ur heart reaped apart.
And revitalise ur pain n bless wid torment
Strangle u to the very end of life.

No matter what u say I know m a robber
Who loves to rob all ur happiness
And suck up the remains of excitement
Torture u till the end of time.

No matter what u say I know m a gambler
Who loves to gamble away ur trust
And leave u penniless out of love
Dry you up totally inside.

No matter what u say of me being a healer
Who makes u 4get ur whole world
Bt I damn wel know who m i
Jst a curse,a jinx,a lie.


These flowing fears n hollow tears.
N screaming darkness within me.
And the call of soul so ineptitude.
And showered grace of dis attitude.
Is dat what I wished 4 me.
Hell NO....i wouldnt b so stupid.
To let me drown in such misery.

Fangs crushed down to my heart.
Yet m enjoying the feel of it.
So mch 4 dis stuffed world.
Bt so less 4 dis abhored tease.
Is dat wat I wished 4 me.
Ya right....m nt dat stupid.
To let them rip me outta dis sanctuary.

M boozed up n left al alone.
Insecure for wat?i dnt know
My life's been a shit for long.
Sentiments...my foot, dnt care 4 one.
Is dat wat I wished 4 me.
Mock me...for m so stupid.
To dream of ever being carefree.

Surely its not valentine's day

Monday, February 11, 2013

For all those single ones out there....

Oh! look at the street, how frustrating....
Lovestruck couples holding hands
Lonely souls anticipating
Flowershops so busy with roses
Chocolate stores packed,oh NO, am I hallucinating?
Petals scattered all around me
Smell of roses,making me dizzy
Tell me I'm wrong,dont wanna throw a fit
Surely,its not valentine's day,is it??

Oh! Look at them, how entertaining....
Owls eyes ogling one another
Heart shaped candys,now thats very funny
Scarlet letter, ah! a scarlet fever
The theme of red, thats dumb you see
Tie me up, just save a bout.
I love you.do you? OH! WHAT A SHIT
Surely, its not valentine's day, is it??

Oh! Just hang me, how disorientating....
Candleliht dinner?romantic season?
Passion right away, when wallet is full.
Time for celebration.ya right dont need a reason
Save your breath, to lure and lull
Its all a ploy, deft but empty
Beware guys, ensure your safety
The hell with your proposal, DAMNIT!!!
Surely, its not valentine's day, is it??

Oh!!! noooo!!!!

Lost love

I am in a battlefield,its a gun in my hand
My heart-its pounding in my chest,my eyes on my enemies land.
For a moment I played back my mind,to the time I was with her
Her kiss,her love,her tears,her sigh,the feeling that binds me to her.
The promise I had made to her,"i will be back.ya sure I will"
To ask her hand in marriage,vow-'a ring' and kiss-'a seal'.
I am in pain,my heart so heavy.
oh! No these tears,my vision-its blurry.
I am aware of the black shadow,ya I know its approaching me
I know I should run or hide,but my pride wont let me
I am not a coward,nor a traitor.i must face it,i know I must.
I pulled the trigger,even felt a stab,the pain burning me down to crust.
I remembered her,ya only her,her solemn & serene face
I know I have failed her,i know I just lost a race.
Slowly gradually her image faded,through my chest escaped a cry
I am lying still on my deathbed,i have nothing for her,just a goodbye.

I am in an operation theater,its a blade in my palm.
My hand is shaking so hard right now,my eyes on his face so calm.
I see his unconscious face,so weak so drained so pale
I know I shouldnt be bt i'm afraid, i'm afraid I'll fail.
I tried to concentrate on my task,the light above is blinding me.
My hand so numb,my breath laboured,his failing heart is killing me.
I lament not stopping him and encouraging him to join the war.
Now here he lies in front of me,so close to me yet so very far.
I know I should save this wounded soldier,if not for him then for my sake
I know I am not so strong,i cant stand it,i cant take
If only I could take us back to the time when he was safe.
I hear them say-"doctor he's dead.",stare at screen wid straight line
I stared wide eyed feeling abandoned,with the pain of loosing love of mine.
The traumatic beeping of the machine,the wasted effort to save his life.
Yet no beat,no breath,just a corpse,a silent tear escaped my eye.