Nightmare Me

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yes I am a dreary cold
that will benumb your very soul
Yes I am the hail-storm
that will leave your soul so sore
so helpless and disabled
But like every bad thing that ends;
When the spring comes
and the last traces of snow disappears
I will wither away.

Yes I am the volcano
That will eat you up whole
Yes I am the tornado
That will drag you down the pole
Beneath he ice and freeze you there.
But like every nightmare that goes;
When you open your eyes
and the first rays of sun penetrates
I will disappear.

Someday you’ll be granted your wish

See for yourself how I’ll vanish.

I'm fine and I can

That’s what I ought to be?
A puppet? Yeah may be
to this sanctioned pain
and mind turning ultimately insane.
Turns me on these whistles of dreams
in the misty haze
and tears run down overhill
and over the plains in daze.
Reaching out was the hand I saw
though dipped in blood,
helping me to walk sometimes
And also dragging me to insult.
Sympathy? I don’t crave for it
I’ve had it enough.
I want just a little backing
And may be a bit of love.
Waiting for a knight? No I am not
Just waiting to be free.
Reality might break me down sometimes
but I have my own friend you see.
I feel at home in fantasy
I feel at home in fantasy
So let me live in ecstasy

I feel at home in fantasy.

Happy Birthday

……………............May you……………………
Be benevolent by blessed birthday
Ignite illustrative instinct in you
Joyful be your journey less jammed-up jinx
Abandon abhorrence and aspire authority
Never  never be numb, nostalgia notwithstanding.

……… happy always…………………

A Part of You

Your opaque eyes so mysterious
Hooded with some unshed tears
Conceals from me the pain and woe
of the burn inside.
You smile quite serene sweet
which doesn’t reach your eyes
And the laughter which rings through doors
doesn’t bubble inside.
Maybe I am just speculating
May be I am just trying to solve
the puzzle that you yourself are
or maybe I am just trying
trying to be a part
a part of you
yes you and everything that you are.

I called the breeze to pass by you
and wishper you my name
I called the rain again and again
to drain away your pain
I called the stars , the sun, the moon
to brighten up your lane
But oh moon tat brightens my soul
Why don’t you let the moon soothe you?
Maybe I am not what you want
Maybe I will never be
But let me be just a companion
a friend in need.
Yeah I know I sound insane, my woes bizarre
But let me be a part of you

yes you and everything that you are.

If We Meet Again

Even though I can’t own your heart
Even though we are so far apart
Someday,….if someday we are to meet
Would you smile at me?

Even though for you this heart beats
Even though you have your heart on lease
Someday…if someday we are to meet
Would you laugh with me?

I know you are just a wish, a dream
And though ‘love love’ my heart screams
You are not mine and will never be
Till the end of eternity……

But someday if we are to meet
By the corner around the street
Would you let me hold your hand?
Would you give me another chance?
To show my pleasure laced with pain

As we might never meet again.