polar dimension

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The flashes of lights??? What are these I see?
Are they just my imagination, a walking dream???
Or are these bad omens??? Well thats what they seem
the claims of a depraved mind
and the red alert that comes with time.
In the darkest hour of the night
I want to give up without some fight.
Though to you I seem all right
I have covered all the marks of bite.
Bitten and beaten down
I try to project an act of clown.
All you will see is a bit of frown
Even when I am about to drown.
So do not try to condemn me
Or say you know all my past deeds.
I am an open book with an unrecognizable script.
I live in that dimension which you can't relate with.


Turnarounds worries me
Statues ignites insignificant irritation
Trepidation transacts within me
Time and again calls out out to the moor
Searching for a lonely soul
Hoping he would break the wall of insignificance
And take me away.