Scars and Dreams

Sunday, July 16, 2017

You are a golden cage, I am a bird in it
I am a silken snare, and you are a trapped prey
You a blue Dahlia and I a black Rose
tied with a scarlet ribbon
delivered on the day of hailstorm
to the doorsteps of affection
a bouquet received with nasty rain
and watered on gruesome storm
which withered away
when the day saw golden specs
across the horizon.
Now when the silver clouds hang
on the canvas of blue
You are miles apart
with memories marked dusky hue.
Should I cross the bridge over to you
despite the monsters lurking in the shadows
ready to pounce and engulf me in?
Or would you rather follow me
despite the blatant reminder of scars
I bestowed upon you?
Thousands of unanswered questions
thousands of doubts are left hanging
and yet in my dreams
all I wish is that you would lean on me
and I could lean on you.