despair in thin air

Sunday, July 16, 2017

On a dark lonely night
She, a silhouette, by the open window
Puffs out a cigarette, ashes burns
She burns with it
And silently inside she mourns
For a dream long gone.
Its not the monster who slaughters her
but the locked up memories
which slashes out of its coffin
on a sleepless night.
With the stars she wishes
For the moon to disappear
So that in the dark she can recall
Those in the light she wouldn't dare to.
Desperate to hear the voice again
Sleep-induced mumbling and silent breaths
She calls out to him. Silently.
"Can you hear me?", she asks
"Can you feel my desperation?"
"Would you let me once
to sing you lullabies again?"
"Would you let me hold you once
pour out all my feelings and cry?"
"Would you meet me at the crossroad
where we last said goodbye?"
She didn't know what she expected
Only silence echoed in the air
And with the broken thoughts of him
She cried out loud in despair.